7 Health Benefits of Coconut Water That You Did Not Know

When was the last time you were very thirsty and grabbed a glass of coconut water and felt refreshing as you started drinking it? Did you ever think about the number of nutrients that you consume while drinking it? It is not just a fresh juice or a drink but perhaps coconut water is a magical drink and the most favorite among the dietitians and health experts.

The fresh taste and the sweetness make it a perfect drink on a sunny summer day. Loaded with nutrients and electrolytes, this is perhaps the best and the healthiest natural drink you can ever have. Calling it just a plain fresh juice or a drink could really be an understatement. It is a lot more than a thirst quencher.

Coconut water and its energy content:

Coconut water is loaded with electrolytes and easily digestible carbohydrates. Coconut water is a clear liquid from the center of the fruit, and yes, do not get confused with the coconut milk or coconut oil that is high – fat content.

The following are some of the health benefits of coconut water that you did not know. Once you read this, we hope you never miss a chance to drink it and never look at it the same way ever again.


1. Never fall sick

It is quite often that our immunity takes a dip during summers. Coconut water has some amazing anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that could work on strengthening the immune system. Having coconut water everyday helps one to keep diseases at bay.

‘A glass of coconut water a day keeps the doctor away’

2. Boost the metabolism

When the metabolism increases, the fat burns in the body also increases. Coconut water is something that makes you feel full and thus reducing the junk intake. Your metabolism remains balanced and thus helping your body to stay healthy.

A majority of the dietitians recommend coconut water for all of their patients and it is ‘cos coconut water helps in promoting weight loss and maintain the BMI.

3. Stay fresh and young

If you are worried about the wrinkles and dark circles, and if you are concerned about the aging signs and wish to have a youthful glow this is the best remedy. Coconut water helps you retain the freshness of your skin and helps in making it look radiant. It tightens the pores and makes the skin firm. Coconut water has cytokines and it is one of the best anti-aging agents.

With a glass of coconut water every day, ‘Stay fresh and look young always’

4. Toner, cleanser, and a magical solution for your face

Whether you have any skin disease or you are worried about the blemishes and dark spots, here’s the magical potion. You’d really be very surprised with the results. All that you need to do is apply coconut water on the affected area and leave it overnight. Do this for a few days and see the results. It is a charm for acne-prone skin too.

5. The Natural blood pressure controller

Coconut water has an adequate supply of electrolytes and thus it helps in balancing the mechanism. When the electrolytes vary, the blood pressure increases and this is the reason a majority of the heart patients are suggested to have coconut water during the start of their day.

6. The best Gastroenterology

If you are suffering from stomach upset or bouts of vomit and diarrhea, don’t wait for the doctor’s prescription. You can immediately have coconut water and soothe the stomach. Even if you have any indigestion problem or bloating, you can just grab a glass of fresh coconut water and see the quick results in a few minutes.

7. The best hydrator

When we are working hard or do some physical activities our body gets dehydrated easily. This happens more often during the summer. Even the sportsmen fall on this verge of dehydration and physical weakness frequently. But then, the magical potion in the fresh coconut water helps you regain the lost energy and electrolytes. You get instant energy and it helps you to get yourself on your toes.

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