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Coconut Chunks

Sowkea Enterprises wants to deliver the goodness of coconut in its best form which is convenient for our customers to use. We have made the work easy for our customers by providing the coconuts in the form of chunks.

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Product will be delivered before May 8, 2021

100 in stock


Adding of coconut chucks to the dishes enrich the taste and aroma of the dishes. We provide the coconut in the form of chunks, so that our customers can use it in the dishes they prepare, without taking much time and effort. The coconuts are converted into chunks retaining the quality and goodness of the coconut.

We employ very high hygiene processing standards to ensure zero contamination and packed carefullyin proper food grade packing pouches and Containers and supplied to the market. It can be stored in the refrigerator in large quantity in the same container without much space constrains and ready to use. It makes the life easier for working women and still enjoy the richness of coconut in the dishes they prepare.

The coconut chunks are marketed under the brand “Easy Coconut”. It is available in 50g,100g, 200g and 1kg packs. It is available in all leading departmental stores and Kirana shops near you.



– Store in Freezer.
– Defreeze product 30 mins before cooking.

Usage Method