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Country Coconut

The country coconuts are richer in nutrients and taste when compared to the hybrid coconuts which are the most available ones in the market which of the consumers are not aware. We want to deliver the best country coconut rich in nutrients to our customers.

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Product will be delivered by June 15, 2021

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“THE WEST COAST TALL VAREITY” (Country coconut) is the best variety of country coconuts that are grown in and around Pollachi, parts of Kerala and coastal Karnataka. The lifespan of country coconuts are around 70-80 years, so the coconuts yield by these trees are richer in nutrients and taste.

They yield best quality of coconuts even in drought conditions. This variety of trees does not require pesticides or fertilizer to be protected from disease. We deliver the WEST COAST TALL VAREITY of country coconuts which are the best, right from the hands of nature, which adds exotic flavors to the coconut based dishes.

The Country Coconut Specifications are medium in Size and spheroid to linear oblong.